Workshop on nanosensors: Self-Organization and Swarm Robotics

We are running the Nano-Net 2008 Conference and Workshop on Nanosensors: Self-Organization and Swarm Robotics. Nano-Net 2008 runs from Sept. 14-16 in Boston this year. This will be an interactive event with some of the top researchers in the field in attendance. We will use this blog to extend discussions on the topic beyond the conference.

We are looking for relevant questions for discussions during the conference and the workshop. Conference attendees can use the free Wi-Fi in the conference facility to post questions, but we welcome questions from members who are unable to participate locally. We also hope that this discussion will continue after the conference ends. Go to to participate.

~ Sanjay


2 thoughts on “Workshop on nanosensors: Self-Organization and Swarm Robotics

  1. dear sir
    have u worked on swarm robotics at hardware level?/ i’ve been working on robotics since 2 years.. now trying to build swarm system,using RF modules. need ur help.
    –engineering student(final yr),india..

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